Perquimans Chamber Ambassador Program and Monthly Meeting

Director LeAnna Lee and interim Board President Jill Cohen met today with the Perquimans Chamber Ambassadors at Planters Ridge Market for lunch.

Inside the Market at Planters Ridge

The Perquimans Chamber Ambassador program is a volunteer group led by executive director LeAnna Lee in order to foster and develop volunteer support for the Chamber. This support includes assistance for major events, marketing, networking, business to business connects, and community involvement.

The current Ambassador group consists of Heather Whistler, Stacey Williams, Cynthia Owens, Kimberly Westbrooke, and Dave Goss. This essential group of dedicated volunteers assists the Chamber and area businesses to ensure the success of both the county and the organizations and businesses within it.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please email for more information.

Ice Cream Bar at Planters Ridge

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